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Carnivore Chili


6 lbs. lean beef 1 cup chili powder
2 T. crushed cumin 2 T. oregano
2 T. salt 2 T. cayenne
4 cloves garlic 2 quarts beef broth
½ cup cornmeal
½ cup water
beans to taste


Brown the beef in oil. Add seasonings and broth. Simmer 2-3 hours,
stirring occasionally if possible. Skim off fat.

Mix cornmeal with water and add slowly. Cook another 30 minutes, then add
beans if desired.

Some suggestions/variations:

2 whole chickens (cooked) can be substituted for the beef, but they do not need the long simmering time (i.e. add them later)

beans can be used to substitute for some of the meat (this chili is *all* meat otherwise). i suppose you could add onions, green peppers, etc., but i can honestly say i have never tried this.

skimming the fat off is healthier, but it is the really hot part of the chili. i always leave a little of it in there, stir it up, and no one seems to notice.

this makes a "ton" of chili, enough to feed a large pre-game or post-game crowd. i like it with cornbread and a nice lager style beer
(preferably home-brew)..

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