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Squid Salad with Tamarind

servings: 4


¼ c Tamarind liquid
2 T Fish sauce
2 T Lime juice
1 T Sugar
1 Onion, med; sliced thin
3 Serranos
5 Garlic clove; chopped fine
1 t Oil
1½ t Ginger, fresh; minced
1½ lb Squid tube; cleaned & cut in
¼ c Mint, fresh; julienned
¼ c Cilantro; chopped coarse
2 c Bean sprouts, fresh
1 c Carrots; thinly julienned
½ c Peanuts, roasted; chopped co


In large bowl, combine tamarind liquid, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, onion, chili peppers and half the garlic; set dressing aside. Heat large frypan to high heat. Add peanut oil, ginger, remaining garlic and squid and saute for about one minute or until squid just starts to turn opaque. Drain off excess liquid. Add sauteed squid to dressing and toss well. Season to taste with salt. Let cool to room temperature, stirring occa- sionally. Add mint, cilantro, bean sprouts and carrots to squid mixture and toss thoroughly. Top with peanuts. Makes four to six servings.
Origin: Newspaper Article
Shared by: Sharon Stevens.

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